Big12 Lacrosse Fall Invitational Wrap Up — Players that Shined

Big12 Lacrosse Events — Fall Invitational wrapped up on Sunday November 12th. Big12’s commitment to small events, with top tier club programs, robust NCAA program attendance, held at a venue that is manageable and accessible with limited logistical challenges is proving to be a exceptional formula for recruiting events. NCAA programs have a great platform to evaluate and clubs can compete at the highest level in front of those programs. The fall event fielded 2021, 2020 and 2019 Divisions, with each team receiving 3 games on Turf Fields.

The following club programs attended:

  • Dukes Lacrosse
  • • Rock Lacrosse
  • • NJ Riot
  • • Orange Crush
  • • Blue Star
  • • C2C National
  • • Thunder/LB3
  • • Team Carolina
  • • Green Turtle LC — Baltimore
  • • 757 Select
  • • 365 Lacrosse
  • • Florida Surge

Here are some comments from club lacrosse directors and coaches who attend Big12 Lacrosse Events — Fall Invitational:

“Really enjoyed the event; smaller is better as coaches get eyes on all of the talent”, Steve Scaramuzzino — Director — Orange Crush.

“NCAA coaches attendance was very very good, competition was intense, enjoyed the day at Big12” Justin Walker — President — Top Gun Fighting Clams.

“Florida Surge was honored to be added to the line up and did not know what to expect, although suffering a few injuries our team competed well and we thoroughly enjoyed the event, we hope to participate in all Big12 events in the future”, Chad Moore — Director — Florida Surge

“For me, I always try to identify small, boutique recruiting events with top competition and I think that all of the fields at the Big 12 were in close proximity with a great presence of college scouts and the competition was great. You guys were transparent with everything and I also think you guys did a great job with the scheduling of the games allowing the perfect amount of time in between games to recover but not too long where we had to wait around and lastly, I was impressed with the 55-minute games as I have been to too many tournaments that only have 40–44 minute games”, Tom Michelson — 365 Lacrosse

“Outstanding event, thanks greatly for having Blue Star”, Don Green — Director of All Stars and Player Development — Blue Star Lacrosse

Big12 worked closely with NCAA coaches, attending the event, to provide feedback on players that shined on Sunday. There is a specific emphasis on 2019 players, in this summary.


• Tyler Dillon — 2019 Dukes Black — Attack — good split, comes out with feet set, creates separation, sets and shoots very well.

• Nicolas Frankel — 365 Lacrosse — Midfield — Great split, playing up with 2019, good vision out of split, looks inside at the right time.

• Jayden Hull — Rock 2019 ELITE — LSM — Westminster HS — always around the ball, athletic, good motor, disruptive at the LPM position

• Robert Seeley — Orange Crush — Goalie — patient sat on ball, good stopper, quick hands and feet, very good technique. Anchored a very solid D for Orange Crush on Sunday.

• Wesley Chairs — Rock 2019 ELITE — Defense — great feet, incredible technique, shut down defender.

• Jalen Stanton — Rock 2019 ELITE — Midfield — One of the fastest players in the 2019 class, great finisher when dodging up top.

• Colin Kelly — Rock 2019 ELITE — Goalie — Incredible stopper, UA Underclassman All American — Baltimore. Good hands — very sound goal keeper. Was one of the top stoppers on Sunday.

• Billy Briegel — Rock 2109 ELITE — Defense — very good technique, DI body, sound defender, good in the open field.

• Zachary Coar — 2019 Dukes 2019 Black — quick hustle player, snappy around ball, good stick, nose for the goal.

• Spencer Josloff — 2019 NJ Riot — Can shoot on the run, set his feet well and got his shot off

• Austin Leonard — Attack — Furhman Commit — 2019 Team Carolina -1st step good shot change of direction

• Adam Canfield — 2019 — Fighting Clams — Midfield Big athletic midfielder good between lines

• John Dagon NJ Riot 2019 — Midfield — big physical dodger can create his own shot

• John Danforth- Orange Crush 2019 — Midfielder — good speed, good eyes, good stick

• Maxwell Rosa — Orange Crush 2019 — Midfield big physical, shoots the heck out of the ball

• Adam Paymer — Dukes Black 2019 — LSM — really good stick, good in GB game.

• Hunter Jarnowski- Dukes Black 2019 — D — JHU commit — good between lines, great on breaks

• Kevin Jaffe — NJ Riot 2019 — Midfield — Midfield — solid all around good speed strong to the goal, made things happen.

• Christopher Perri — Top Gun Clams — 2019 — Goalie- great great stopper, had an awesome event

• Charlie Paras — Top Gun Clams — 2019 — sees the very well, good hands.

• Michael Page — Blue Star — 2019 — LSM — Syracuse commit — had a great event, all around; great stick runs well full field, good nose for the ball.

• Jack Gertie — NJ Riot — 2019 — Defense — good feet great stick

• Billy Rojak — NJ Riot 2019 — LPM — aggressive, good stick

• Brandon Meaux — C2C 2019 — Attack — quick change of direction, nice player

• Christian Lowd — C2C 2019 — Defense — solid defender, good positioning

• Nathanial Raeder — Thunder/LB3 2019 — Attack — strong dodger, good finisher (Navy commit)

• Warren Seeds — Thunder/LB3 2019 — Goalie — stole a ton of shots, quick hands

• Chad Langdon — 365 Lacrosse — Goalie — good in close and outside great game vs. C2C.

• Alex Keener — 365 Lacrosse Defenseman: 6’2” frame and athleticism makes him difficult to beat and hard to stop when running full speed.

• Kevin Leon — 365 Lacrosse Midfielder: With his ability to Faceoff at a high level in addition to playing excellent defense Kevin is a two way midfielder.

• Thomas Greenblatt — 365 Lacrosse Attackmen: Put pressure on the defense opening up the Field for the rest of the offense and did not have any turnovers.

• Sam Stratton — Organe Crush — Defense — Army commit was a solid solid defender all day at Big12

• Zach Neufang — Orange Crush — Defense — Jacksonville commit anchored a very talented Orange Crush D.

• Liam Rowan — Orange Crush — Defense — third spoke in a very talented OC 2019 Defense.

• Chase Orr — Top Gun Fighting Clams — Midfield — effective on both sides of the ball and also in the clearing game, dodged well in tight and in the open field, scored on a number of backside looks

• Andrew Sanderson — Top Gun Fighting Clams — LSM : All over the field for us, very good with a high end motor.


• Elijah Duck — Rock 2020 ELITE — LPM/D: Athletic and physical defender, always around the ball. Very good jam technique.

• Nicolas Frankel — Team 365 Lacrosse — Midfield — Great split, playing up with 2019, good vision out of split, looking inside

• Trevor Duebner — Attack — 2020 Blue Star — dynamic dodger; threat to score lefty or righty.

• James Smyth — Midfield — 2020 Dukes Black — all around midfielder, powerful between the lines, athletic, very fast.

• Thomas McLaughlin — Defense — 2020 Dukes Black — good size, great feet, moves well. Solid Defender

• Zachary Terri — Attack — 2020 Team Carolina — lefty finisher, moves well, dynamic player

• Asher German — Attack — 2020 Florida Surge — nice size, great hands, very good vision

• Austin Sipes — Attack — Rock 2020 ELITE — skilled attackman, finishes very well, good on ball and off

• Tripp Clark Top Gun Clams — Defense — shows great ability to get the ball of the ground in contested situations and plays solid on ball defense.

Big12 will highlight 2021 players in subsequent releases over the next few days on our fall event.

About Big12 Lacrosse Events

Big12 Lacrosse Events provided club lacrosse recruiting invitational tournaments and showcases for the nationals premier and most elite club lacrosse programs. Big12 events are sized to accommodate the maximum level of exposure to NCAA programs for participating teams, hosted at venues that provide the greatest level of logistical ease for NCAA program evaluation and the highest degree of competition at each event.

Big12 Lacrosse Events is currently accepting expressions of interest from club programs for invitations to our Big12 Summer Event; to be held June 15–17, 2018 at Blandair Park — Columbia, MD. Big12 Summer Event will host 8 of the nations top club programs in the 2019 and 2020 divisions and a Big12 North American Champion will be named in each division. Interested programs can email Big12 Lacrosse events at or query via our website

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